We staff trained associates that will serve and assist you both online and in our facility with the decision making process(s). Our associates are here to help educate you on function, size, looks, materials, practicality, and price. We want this process to be as stress free as possible for you while you travel the path of determining exactly what designs or looks project your taste and reflect your style. We want you to make the correct choice that will hold up to the demands of your life. We also want you to be satisfied that you have the most top grade of quality that matches the investment you have remitted.


Although we try to keep a diverse selection of products in stock and available to our customers we understand that people’s taste vary. Some customers may prefer custom looks or materials and in these instances we assure you that our associates are thoroughly trained in the ordering process of the products you prefer. We want you to get the right material and products from the on-set without the delay or inconveniences of mis-orders or end up with the wrong products. We take extreme consideration at every step to circumvent any mishaps and deliver your selections expediently. We strive to get you the right order the first time around.